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About Michigan Built Industrial Washers

We are located in Jackson, Michigan just miles from the Motor City. Decades ago, our team of cleaning experts pioneered the industrial washing process for the automotive industry. Since our origins, we have applied our knowledge of advanced cleaning techniques, process design, and chemistry to cleaning almost everything - from airplane parts to golf equipment to delicate surgical tools. We have been building, refurbishing and servicing process-specific, high-volume part-cleaning systems for more than 40 years.

When a part needs to be cleaned, it is important to look at the entire process of cleaning and develop and design equipment based on that process. Our solid reputation has been built upon our ability to assess a client’s production methods and develop an integrated cleaning process designed to meet the specific cleanliness levels within the floor space available.

We don’t start with a specific washing system in mind and then try to manipulate it to fit your needs. Instead we start with your very specific parts and needs and design the entire process from there. You need your part clean and dry, the first time and every time - we can help you accomplish that.

We’ve helped hundreds of companies around the world solve their most difficult cleaning challenges - Let us help you!

Industrial Washer Types

Industrial Parts Washer


Belt washers range from simple washers that carry parts on a mesh metal belt to complex indexing washers.

Industrial Parts Washer

Rotary Drum

These washers clean small parts and are most often used in the cold heading and screw machine industries.

Industrial Parts Washer

Cart Washers

Cart washers are used mainly in the medical field for surgical carts however a growing trend is using a cart as part of logistics packaging.

Industrial Parts Washer

Overhead Monorail

These washers provide a no- touch wash and are most often used to clean a part prior to painting..

Industrial Parts Washer


This type of washer is perfect when space is at a premium and when washing is intermittent and not part of the production flow.

Industrial Parts Washer


While those are the most common types, we can help you with whatever you need! Most machines are custom-built to your unique products.

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